“50 For You” Stamping Playground Special!


Did you hear that?

Your friends are knocking, asking if you can

come out and play at the


Remember when you were a kid … You practically had to be dragged out of bed to get ready for school, but on Saturdays you couldn’t get out of bed fast enough to go play!

Now, we’re all grown up and it seems like even the weekends are made for work. All work and no play makes for a cranky and stressed papercrafter!

You deserve to take a break and go play!
Everybody needs playtime!

So gather your stamping toys and come play at the Stamping Playground!

Stamping Playground is for papercrafters who believe that the fun part of creating is as important as the completed project. It’s an online community where you’ll get new ideas, make new stamping friends and truly enjoy papercrafting in a positive environment with people who, like you, love this stuff!

What makes the Stamping Playground fun?

A new exclusive video every week!
Projects that are designed to be fast and fun for everyone, from the brand new stamper to the kid who has it all.

A new exclusive papercrafting activity every week!

You can make and share anytime!

A fun place to share your creativity!

the rest of us can tell you what a great job you did!

Easy access!  

The playground is where you are already – on Facebook!

All this with the most
fun playground director ever – ME!

“Wanted to say thank you for the videos you have for us to learn from. I enjoy watching you so much. You are a fantastic teacher…THANK YOU! 
When I watch your videos, honestly it’s like you are right here in my kitchen teaching me! You are so talented! I am so so thankful that I found you. As I sit and watch your videos, you are so calm, talk so I can understand what you are saying….it is WONDERFUL!”  – Deanette from VA

Pinky Swear

And I pinky swear you’ll be spending your valuable time on the important stuff – papercrafting – rather than learning how to navigate a strange new website.

Are you ready to have fun playing
with your stamping toys?
The Stamping Playground is usually only $9.95/month!

But you’ll save 50% on one, two or four months of Playground membership with the “50 For You” Special!

3 Month “50 For You” Package
6 Month “50 For You” Package
12 Month “50 For You” Package
If a pay button is having a temper tantrum, please click here to scoop up your 50% off savings!


Come join us on the Stamping Playground!

You don’t have to go home

when the street lights come on!

Not on Facebook yet?  I can show you how to create an account that you can use only to get on the Stamping Playground.