Stamping Smiles Original 2015-2017 In Color Combinations

Every year we get excited waiting to see what Stampin’ Up! has in store for us with the new group of In Colors, trendy new colors to use for our handmade cards and other papercraft projects!

Because you wanted help mixing and matching the new In Colors with the other Stampin’ Up! colors, did you always make sure the new In Color Cards for your Color Coach were on the same order? I always did! Then Stampin’ Up! discontinued the Color Coach. That meant no new color combination cards for our 2015-2017 In Colors. Now what?

So many of you asked me where to find the In Color Cards, I decided to pick up where Stampin’ Up! left off and put together my own three-color 2015-2017 In Color Combinations! And, not just two  combinations per color like the Color Coach either. Instead I made 5 of each for a total 25 color combinations!

I offered my 2015-2017 In Color Combination Sheets as a free gift with any $60 or more purchase with me in late June. And you loved them! Customers called and emailed to tell me they were so excited that they immediately printed and filled in their Color Combination Sheets!

After my promotion ended, I received emails asking if it was possible to purchase them. Absolutely! You can order the 2015-2017 In Color Combination Sheets I gave away as a free gift for only $9.95!

But before you do, keep reading!

Because you were so excited, I was inspired to go back to my racks of cardstock and create five more original color combinations for each of the 2015-2017 In Colors for you! That’s 25 more three-color new In Color Combinations for a total of 50 combos! Then I put them all together into a mini e-book that includes:

 – Color photos of the 10 sheets of the 2015-2017 In Color Combinations you can download and print!
 – All 10 Color Combination Sheets read to download, print and fill!
 – Directions on how to download and print the Color Combination Sheets!
 – 5 samples using the color combinations!

Order your exclusive Stamping Smiles 2015-2017 In Color Combinations mini e-book now for only $14.95!

Are you a Playground Friend? The second set of In Color Combinations will be added to the Stamping Playground for FREE!

If you placed a qualifying order with me in June and received the first set for free, or are a Stamping Playground Member, you may purchase my 2015-2017 In Colors Combinations e-book at 50% off through July 20!